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Recommend a friend

Recommend Nexus to a friend and we'll give you a £5 coffeehouse gift card!*

Free Coffee

If you've used & benefited from using Nexus' services, why not tell a friend, family member, or work colleague about us so they can benefit too?

Giftcards If they arrange to see one of our financial advisers we'll then send you a £5 coffeehouse gift card* to enjoy a free coffee on us, and maybe treat your friend to one too! You'll also have given them the opportunity to benefit from a free initial consultation** with a qualified independent financial adviser.

*Terms & Conditions apply

**All initial consultations with a Nexus IFA adviser are without charge or obligation.

How to Recommend a Friend

Simply send the person you're recommending us to an email (click here) and also complete and submit the form below to let us know you recommended us to them - so we'll know to send you a gift card.

We DO NOT contact the person you recommended us to, instead we let them contact us if they are interested in our services. Your email to your friend contains a link ( to an acceptance form, we then wait for them to submit that form to us, requesting we contact them. Please note that all persons recommended to Nexus IFA must be a UK resident and be aged 18 or over.

To help reduce forms automatically generated by spam software, please tick the "I'm not a robot" box below.

What happens next?


Once the person you've recommended contacts us, and speaks with a Nexus financial adviser, we'll send you your £5 coffeehouse gift card* to enjoy!

You can continue to enjoy free coffee on us as we'll keep sending you a £5 coffeehouse gift card* every time you recommend someone new!

*Terms & Conditions apply